What is the HCl Full Form In Chemistry

What is the HCl Full Form In ChemistryThe HCL full form in Chemistry is Hydrogen Chloride

It is a hydrogen halide, where Cl is the halideIt is in the form of gas at room temperature and the chemical formula is HCl HCl gas dissolves in water, the solution of HCl in water is called hydrochloric acidThe hydrochloric acid formula is commonly written as HCl but scientifically it is denoted by HCl(aq), where aq full form in chemistry is aqueous i.e waterIt is available commercially in the concentration from 10 to 34 percentThe HCL(aq) is also known as muriatic acid, spirits of salt, hydronium chloride and chlorhydric acidThe IUPAC name of HCL acid is ChloraneHydrochloric Acid Hazards
HCL gas in contact with body tissues forms corrosive hydrochloric acid Inhalation of HCL gas causes ChokingCoughingInflammation of nose throat etcHCl can severely burn skin and damage eye permanently If you what to know more details of the hazards read this hydrochloride acid MSDS

Hydrochloric Acid ph
The pH of h…

BTEX Full Form in Chemistry

BTEX full form in ChemistryThe BTEX full form in Chemistry is Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes.These compounds are organic chemical compoundsThey belong to a class of compounds called aromatics hydrocarbons or aryl hydrocarbonsIn petroleum refining and petrochemical Industries, BTEX is the mixture of four components Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and XylenesThe xylenes are the mixture of xylenes isomers (p-xylene, o-xylene and m-xylene)The BTX in petrochemical industries and petroleum refining refers to a mixture of three components Benzene, toluene and Xylenes.

XRD Full Form In Chemistry? How to Explain XRD Results ?

XRD Full Form In ChemistryThe XRD full form in chemistry is X-ray powder diffraction
It is a laboratory-based analytical method primarily used for phase identification of crystalline material.XRD diffraction is often used to compare base catalyst and their modification to see if the crystal structure is retained and how much crystanality the catalyst after the modification has gained or lost For example, XRD graph show below contains parent catalyst HZSM5 is compared with Si modified ZSM5 (Si/HZSM-5), Zn modified Si/HZSM-5 catalysts (1 wt% ZnSi/HZSM-5, 1.5 wt% ZSM-5) and 1wt% Zn/HZSM-5.How to explain XRD resultsOne can explain XRD analysis from the figure given above in the following way 
The figure shows the XRD patterns of the catalysts. From the figure, it can be seen that the parent catalyst HZSM-5 exhibit characteristic peak between 5-10°and 21-25°.The XRD peaks for the Si-modified, Zn-Si modified and Zn modified HZSM5 respectively are very similar to those of HZSM-5. No new diffra…

What is .COM full form?

What is .com full form?The .com full form in internet (computer) when you see the URL is Commercial.
It tells that the operations of a website are entirely or primarily internet-based. The .com is also called as gTLD (generic top-level domain) in the domain name system of the internet. The name .com is originally derived from the word commercial and the domain is registered by a commercial organization. .com is generally used to categorize websites especially commercial websitesOver the years it has grown into the largest top-level domainHistory of .com It was first added on 1 January 1985United Defence Department of Defense originally administered the domain, but today it is operated by Verisign under the jurisdiction of United States law The first .com was claimed by a computer manufacturer called Symbolics, IncI hope you enjoyed reading the full form of .com.

EBT Full Form in Chemistry | EBT Indicator Full Form

EBT Full Form in ChemistryThe EBT full form in chemistry (EBT indicator full form) is Eriochrome Black T.  The EBT is an azo dye and has functional group  R−N=N−R′, in which R and R′ are usually aryl
It is a complexometric indicator used in complexometric titrations It is known for its chelating properties The Eriochrome is a trademark of am American company Huntsman Petrochemicals, LCC Applications of EBT in chemistry It is mainly used as an indicator to determine the hardness of the water in the EDTA methodIn complexometric titrations, the compound is used as an indicator, as an acid-base indicator. The indicator forms complex with metals ions like Ca2+, Mg2+ etcThe indicator is used to determine the concentration of Ca2+ using the complexometric method Eriochrome Black T colour change The colour of Erichrome Black T is blue in its deprotonated form but when it forms a complex with metal ions like calcium magnesium or other metal ions the colour changes from blue to red. For example, se…

Aq Full Form in Chemistry | What does Aq mean?

Aq Full Form in ChemistryWhat does aq mean? The aq full form in chemistry is an aqueous solution. The aq is mostly shown in chemical equations and appear in the description of the research papers 
What does aqueous mean in chemistry The word aqueous comes from aqua and the meaning of aqueous is water. Aqueous solution meaning  A solution in which water is used as a solvent (dissolving medium) to dissolve other chemical substances (solute) is called an aqueous solution.The hydrophilic substances (water-friendly) dissolves in water easily. Examples of acids, bases and salts  are hydrophilicExamples of aqueous solution are  An aqueous mixture of Sodium chloride in water           NaCl(s) → Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq)
Sodium hydroxide dissolved in water Types of aqueous solutions (aq solutions) There are two types of aqueous solutions Electrolyte solutions               They contain dissolved ions and can conduct electricity                 Eg.  Sodium chloride in water, NaCl dissolves in water and dissocia…

NTP Full Form and STP Full Form in Chemistry

NTP Full Form and STP Full Form in Chemistry As the temperature and pressure vary at different places, a standard reference is needed for comparing the testing and the documentation of chemical processes and physical process. The NTP and STP respectively are used to define conditions. What is NTP full form and STP full in chemistry respectively is given below NTP full form in chemistry The NTP full form is Normal Temperature and Pressure defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The NTP is widely used as a practical standard by Industries through the world because NTP conditions are more realistic and convenient condition. In NTP the normal temperature is 20-degree Celsius or 293.15 K or 68-degree F. This temperature is convenient to use as compared to 0-degree Celcius. In NTP the normal pressure is 1 atm or 101.325 kpa or 760 mmHg (or torr) or 14.6959 psiOne mole of an ideal gas occupies 24.0 litres (dm3)  of volume at NTP conditionSTP full form in chemistry T…